Marriott’s Content Studio Set to Release Second Original Short Film

French Kiss – Teams-Up with Noted Producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses

Marriott International’s Content Studio has teamed-up with the company’s flagship brand, Marriott Hotels to produce and release French Kiss, the Studio’s second original short film.  The romantic mystery is set to premiere worldwide on May 19 th in a multi-platform, all-screens distribution strategy, including digital, theater, in-room, online,, and to Marriott’s 47 million Marriott Reward members. A premiere party will be held at the Marina del Rey Marriott that evening. French Kiss,starring Tyler Ritter (“The McCarthys”) is the result of a creative collaboration with noted producers and storytellers Ian Sander and Kim Moses of Sander/Moses & SLAM – the team behind popular television series such as “Ghost Whisperer” and “Profiler”, and four feature films, including “D.O.A”. Download images.

is the second original short film from Marriott’s Content Studio coming on the heels of its successful debut film, TWO BELLMEN, which has five million views on YouTube.  Shot in and around Paris and at the Paris Marriott Hotel Champs-Elysees, French Kiss marks the studio’s first international production.

follows a seemingly magical romance that could only happen in Paris. Ethan (Tyler Ritter) is a young American obsessed with work visiting the French capital to speak at an innovation conference at the Paris Marriott Hotel Champs Élysées. Admired from afar by the gorgeous but mischievous Margaux (French model and actress Margot Luciarte), Ethan is tricked into following her string of clues throughout the city – forcing him to explore, imagine and literally see the magic of Paris through her eyes. All the while, he wonders if his guide is real, or a mystical muse with magical powers that give him a glimpse of a life that seems like a dream. In the end, he finds out.

"We loved having the opportunity to work with Marriott in supporting its commitment to produce high-quality, entertaining content globally,” said Kim Moses, Executive Producer of French Kiss.   We are incredibly proud and excited to introduce the magical realism of our newest film, ‘French Kiss,’ to remind the world that in the stunningly beautiful, romantic city of Paris, wondrous things are possible.  And, in an era when everyone has their eyes glued to their digital devices, French Kiss delivers the universal message that the best way to travel brilliantly is: eyes forward It’s what Ethan discovers as he’s led on a magical journey by the mysterious Margaux.”

French Kiss with open arms. I took much of my visit for granted, much like my character in the film, whose ambition blinds him to the brilliant culture and beauty surrounding him.  Having the opportunity to portray Ethan during his magical journey of epiphanies through the city, I was able to make up for not having taken the time to truly appreciate Paris and its people a decade ago. “

Said David Beebe, vice president, Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott International, “I am thrilled to have Tyler starring in our latest film and I have admired Kim and Ian’s work for many years. Not only are they innovative storytellers, but they were among the first producers to understand and execute a multi-platform distribution strategy. “ French Kiss will propel our ‘3Cs’ strategy of producing entertaining and informative content that builds communities of people passionate about travel who will drive commerce to our company’s global portfolio of hotels.”

The film premieres on YouTube May 19 th. It features a multi-platform, all-screens distribution strategy including digital, theater, in-room, online,, and Marriott’s 47 million Marriott Reward members. For more information, check out

French Kiss follows the Marriott’s Content Studio’s first original short film, TWO BELLMEN, which premiered on March 10 ( TWO BELLMEN features some of the biggest stars from the hip hop and B-boy dance world and Hollywood stuntmen in a comedic, genre-bending mix of parkour, martial arts, dance and music action in partnership with JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand.

About Marriott’s Content Studio
Launched in September 2014, Marriott’s Content Studio is dedicated to publishing, distributing and sharing digital content across multiple platforms and on all screens. To further the company’s focus on next-generation travelers and to drive new business, the studio aims to own original content marketing and produce engaging content that builds worldwide communities of people passionate about travel that will drive commerce to the company’s hotels.

Sander/Moses Productions & SLAM
Producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses of Sander/Moses Productions/SLAM have inked a deal with MCS to develop a branded digital project together (  "In an ever-changing world of content creation and 21st century global interconnection it is really exciting to be teaming up with a premium travel brand like Marriott in the digital content space" said Ian Sander of Sander/Moses Productions/SLAM.  Sander/Moses have an astonishing eleven TV series (including Ghost Whisperer and Profiler) four feature films (including D.O.A.), and dozens of digital projects to their credit.