AC Hotels by Marriott

Brand Overview:   AC Hotels by Marriott® is an upper-moderate tier lifestyle brand elevated by design within the Marriott International, Inc., global collection of 19 brands. The brand’s design features clean, simple and crisp lines, marrying sophisticated European style with a distinctly modern feel. AC Hotels celebrates the beauty of classic modern design with a European soul and Spanish roots. The brand’s philosophy encourages each component of the hotel design and experience have a thoughtful response to “why?”. AC Hotels edits away the unnecessary to remove friction, providing guests with thoughtfully designed moments of elegance.

At AC Hotels, guests get only what they need, without paying for what they don’t. AC Hotels believes that purposeful design improves lives while elevating the stay experience. Carefully curating the things guests need and editing out what they don’t strips away the unnecessary, allowing guests to uncover beauty in the essentials. AC Hotels believes small details have big potential. These moments slow guests down and draw them into the present; they remind travelers that their lives are not where they are going, but where they already are, right now. AC Hotels believes ‘if we have time to make it, we have time to make it beautiful’.

History:   Renowned hotelier Antonio Catalan (‘AC’) founded the brand in 1998, through his signature vision he developed one of the most well respected hotel brands in Spain. In 2011 Marriott International and AC Hotels formed a joint venture and launched AC Hotels by Marriott globally into France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and the U.S.

AC Hotels by Marriott’s attributes include:

  • Sophisticated, modern, European-inspired design featuring neutral tones, inviting furnishings and ambient lighting, designed to reflect the uniqueness and character of its urban location
  • The AC Lobby evokes the feeling of a well-curated art gallery, including communal tables, ample plug-ins and frictionless service Kallpods that enable guests to immediately request a staff member’s attention.
  • Design-savvy guest rooms with sleek furnishings, open closet systems and hardwood floors
  • AC Lounge featuring local craft beers, expertly made signature cocktails, and tapas-style small bites
  • AC Kitchen featuring a European-inspired breakfast offering
  • The AC Library including a selection of inspiring titles that line the shelves, ranging from modern art to design, all in a soothing environment where guests can also find complimentary computers and printers
  • The AC Store offering an assortment of European and local snacks as well as a selection of ‘guilt gifts’ for purchase
  • Flexible, private meeting spaces equipped with the latest audio-visual technology
  • Mobile check-in/check-out
  • 24-hour fitness center access





Future Growth:  Growth plans include more than 50 hotels set to open within the next three years throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America, including 22 hotels globally in 2016.

AC Hotels by Marriott currently offers a portfolio of 85 hotels in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, France and the United States.



  1. AC Phoenix Tempe, Tempe, AZ – June 2016



  1. AC San Jose Downtown, San Jose, CA – June 2016



  1. AC Denver Downtown, Denver, CO – December 2016



  1. AC Hotel Miami Beach, Miami, FL



  1. AC Atlanta North, Atlanta, GA – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel Chicago Downtown, Chicago, IL



  1. AC Des Moines Downtown, Des Moines, IA – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel New Orleans Bourbon, New Orleans, LA



  1. AC Boston North, Boston, MA – Opening soon
  2. AC boston Cambridge, Boston, MA – Opening soon



  1. AC Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel Kansas City Westport, Kansas City, MO


North Carolina:

  1. AC Asheville, Asheville, NC – September 2016



  1. AC Cincinnati North/West Chester, Cincinnati, OH


Washington, D.C.:

  1. AC Hotel Washington, D.C. at National Harbor, Washington, DC




  1. AC Rio Barra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Opening soon
  2. AC Rio Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Opening soon



  1. AC Santiago, Santiago, Chile – Opening soon



  1. AC Bogota, Bogota, Colombia – Opening soon



  1. AC Guadalajara, Guadaljara, Mexico – Opening soon
  2. AC Hotel Queretaro, Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico – Opening soon
  3. AC Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Mexico – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel Panama City, Panama City, Panama – Opening soon




  1. AC Hotel Bella Sky, København, Denmark



  1. AC Birmingham City Center, Birmingham, England – Opening soon
  2. AC Manchester, Manchester, England – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel Ambassadeur Antibes – Juan les Pins, Juan les Pins, France
  2. AC Hotel Nice, Nice, France
  3. AC Hotel Paris Le Bourget Airport, Dugny Le Bourget, France
  4. AC Hotel Paris Porte Maillot, Paris, France
  5. AC Marseille, Marseille, France – Opening soon



  1. AC Herzliya, Herliya, Israel – Opening soon



  1. AC Hotel Arezzo, Arezzo, Italy
  2. AC Hotel Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  3. AC Hotel Brescia, Brescia, Italy
  4. AC Hotel Firenze, Florence, Italy
  5. AC Hotel Genova, Genova, Italy
  6. AC Hotel Milano, Milan, Italy
  7. AC Hotel Padova, Padova, Italy
  8. AC Hotel Pisa Pisa, Italy
  9. AC Hotel Torino, Torino, Italy
  10. AC Hotel Vicenza, Vicenza, Italy



  1. AC Hotel Porto by Marriott, Porto, Portugal



  1. AC Hotel A Coruña, Coruña, Spain
  2. AC Hotel Aitana, Madrid, Spain
  3. AC Hotel Alcalá de Henares, Alcalá de Henares, Spain
  4. AC Hotel Algeciras, Algeciras, Spain
  5. AC Hotel Alicante, Alicante, Spain
  6. AC Hotel Almería, Almería, Spain
  7. AC Hotel Aravaca, Madrid, Spain
  8. AC Hotel Atocha, Madrid, Spain
  9. AC Hotel Avenida de América, Madrid, Spain
  10. AC Hotel Badajoz, Badajoz, Spain
  11. AC Hotel Barcelona Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain
  12. AC Hotel Burgos, Burgos, Spain
  13. AC Hotel Carlton Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  14. AC Hotel Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain
  15. AC Hotel Ciudad de Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
  16. AC Hotel Ciudad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
  17. AC Hotel Ciudad de Toledo, Toledo, Spain
  18. AC Hotel Ciudad de Tudela, Navarra, Spain
  19. AC Hotel Ciutat d’ Alcoi, Alicante, Spain
  20. AC Hotel Ciutat de Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
  21. AC Hotel Colón Valencia, València, Spain
  22. AC Hotel Coslada Aeropuerto, Madrid, Spain
  23. AC Hotel Cuzco, Madrid, Spain
  24. AC Hotel Diagonal L´Illa, Barcelona, Spain
  25. AC Hotel Elda, Elda, Spain
  26. AC Hotel Gavà Mar, Barcelona, Spain
  27. AC Hotel General Álava, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
  28. AC Hotel Gijón, Gijón, Spain
  29. AC Hotel Gran Canaria by Marriott,Las Palmas, Spain
  30. AC Hotel Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Spain
  31. AC Hotel Huelva, Huelva, Spain
  32. AC Hotel Iberia Las Palmas, Las Palmas, Spain
  33. AC Hotel Irla, Barcelona, Spain
  34. AC Hotel La Finca, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
  35. AC Hotel La Línea, La Línea de la Concepción, Spain
  36. AC Hotel La Rioja, Logroño, Spain
  37. AC Hotel León San Antonio by Marriott
  38. AC Hotel Lleida,Lleida, Spain
  39. AC Hotel Los Vascos, Madrid, Spain
  40. AC Hotel Madrid Feria, Madrid, Spain
  41. AC Hotel Málaga Palacio, Málaga, Spain
  42. AC Hotel Murcia, Murcia, Spain
  43. AC Hotel Oviedo Fórum, Asturias, Spain
  44. AC Hotel Palacio de Santa Ana, Valladolid, Spain
  45. AC Hotel Palacio Universal, Pontevedra, Spain
  46. AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista by Marriott, Girona, Spain
  47. AC Hotel Palencia, Palencia, Spain
  48. AC Hotel Ponferrada, León, Spain
  49. AC Hotel Recoletos, Madrid, Spain
  50. AC Hotel San Sebastián de los Reyes, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain
  51. AC Hotel Sant Cugat, Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain
  52. AC Hotel Sants, Barcelona, Spain
  53. AC Hotel Sevilla Fórum, Sevilla, Spain
  54. AC Hotel Sevilla Torneo, Sevilla, Spain
  55. AC Hotel Som, Barcelona, Spain
  56. AC Hotel Tarragona, Tarragona, Spain
  57. AC Hotel Valencia, València, Spain
  58. AC Hotel Victoria Suites, Barcelona, Spain
  59. AC Hotel Vila de Allariz, Ourense, Spain
  60. AC Hotel Zamora, Zamora, Spain
  61. AC Hotel Zaragoza Los Enlaces, Zaragoza, Spain
  62. AC Hotel Zizur Mayor, Navarra, Spain



  1. AC Hotel Istanbul Macka


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Document last updated 3/1/2016