Moxy Hotels

Brand Overview:

Moxy Hotels is Marriott International’s new millennial-focused boutique hotel concept. Moxy is a fresh and innovative brand combining stylish design and approachable service at an affordable price point. Moxy offers a new way of traveling in which smaller in concentration not reduction. Affordability is not a sacrifice of style, nor a loss of comfort. When we say: “less is more” we accentuate more. Not less. The Moxy Hotels brand is defined by its attitude – price is just a pleasant surprise. Moxy’s brand essence is best captured in Now & Wow. Moxy is spirited – always buzzing with high energy, interesting people and an energetic crew. Moxy is fun. Until now what the competition offered was tired and basic – stripped of personality. Inclusive and young at heart, Moxy challenges the status quo to show the world what “moxie” really means. Moxy design and style is seriously considered, and playfully executed. Today’s millennial traveler spends more time in public spaces, to work and play. So Moxy’s living rooms become the center of activity in all of the brand’s hotels around the globe, giving guests fun ways to work and play hard. From the communal NOW public space to smart, flexible bedrooms, Moxy is a bold, surprising design for the socially extroverted, energetic consumer.

 Moxy Hotels’ attributes include:

  • Public spaces ranging from calm to energetic, including a library/plug-in zone, lounges, bar, and communal areas to work and play hard
  • Flexible, stylish bedrooms with an open storage concept
  • Tech offerings including keyless mobile entry, mobile check in (with Room Ready Alerts) and check out; screencasting; abundant plugins; internet TV in-room featuring Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and Crackle; motion sensor lighting under bed; and furiously fast AND free wifi
  • 24/7 self-service B&F offerings
  • Spirited Moxy Crew Members that have high energy and a fearless do-it-yourself attitude
  • Selfie elevators complete with props
  • Industrial chic look and aesthetic




  • Moxy Tempe, Tempe Arizona (opened March 4, 2016)


  • Moxy San Francisco, San Francisco, California (2017)
  • Moxy San Diego, San Diego, California (2017)


  • Moxy Washington, D.C. (2017)


  • Moxy New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana (opened May 11, 2016)

 New York

  • Moxy Midtown, New York City, NY (2017)
  • Moxy Chelsea, New York City, NY (2017)
  • Moxy Manhattan, New York City, NY (2017)


  • Moxy Nashville, Nashville, TN
  • Moxy Memphis, Memphis TN


  • Moxy Seattle, Seattle, Washington (2017)



  • Moxy Milan, Terminal 2, Milan Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy (opened September 3, 2014)


  • Moxy Munich Airport, Munich, Germany (opened March 21, 2016)
  • Moxy Eschborn, Frankfurt, Germany (July 2016)
  • Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany (October 2016)
  • Frankfurt Gateway Gardens (2017)
  • Berlin Airport Schonfeld (2017)
  • Copenhagen Scandgade (2017)
  • Essen (2017)


  • Moxy Aberdeen Airport, UK (December 2016)
  • London Heathrow Airport (2017)
  • London Royal Docks (2017)
  • London Stratford (2017)


  • Edinburgh Airport (2017)


  • Moxy Oslo Exporama, Norway (November 2016)
  • Oslo Exporama (2017)
  • Stavanger (2017)


  • Helsinki Vantaa (2017)

Public Relations Contacts:

Marriott International:

Victoria Martinez Hart
Global Director, Public Relations
Luxury & Lifestyle Brands

Brand PR Firm, BPR:

Dara Toulch